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Building reports and surveys

An independent survey will highlight problems that may not be shown in a valuation report carried out by the mortgage company. A survey will draw your attention to defects and future costs relating to the property that may affect your decision, or provide a basis for negotiation with the seller.


Building surveys are comprehensive and detailed reports on the condition of a property and its possible defects. Visible elements are inspected and any current or potential problems and repairs will be listed. The life of affected building elements will be discussed and advice on a course of action will be given.

A homebuyer's report is a report focussing on major defects, potential problems and costs. The same investigations are undertaken as a building survey but the report is less detailed.


A valuation of the property, however, is still included. If you're considering investing in a property, then a homebuyer's report is mandatory to protect your investment.

Homebuyer's reports

Building surveys can help you save a lot of trouble and costs in the long run. Call us on:



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Feasibility studies

Clarion Chartered Surveyors can provide feasibility studies, cost plans and budget estimates. We will discuss proposals, meet parties, visit and obtain a feel for the envisaged proposal or provide our own opinion.


Projects are site specific, and costs and proposals are affected by many factors as well as the cost and ability to build them.


We would be pleased to discuss any proposals further with you and provide comment on initial issues.